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Production Systems

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Development stage

Currently, companies developing cosmetic devices can be listed on the fingers of one hand. The rest of the manufacturing companies copy each other, this is reflected in the quality of products and the total lack of modernization. The concept of “development” already says that it is necessary to create something new, no one will tell you and will not help you, since this does not exist---- there is only  desire and faith in the finished product. The first thing we start with is setting a task for ourselves, then analyzing existing systems in the world, testing these systems completely, identifying their weaknesses and developing a new, more advanced system.




When you test a complex device, you will make many mistakes. During testing, we even developed a “development tactic”. Namely, the development of - testing - upgrading - testing - upgrading - testing - upgrading, and so for now there is nothing to modernize, nothing to upgrade.  This is how the cosmetology devices of  Innovatione are created.



Manufacturing prototype

Prototype manufacturing is the most interesting stage of production. You see the body, in which many parts and technical units are placed. Next, pour water into the cooling system. Click start and enjoy the work . Of course, for a finished , quality product you need at least 10 more upgrades.Our products are already upgraded!



Mass production

The first task that rises to the stage of mass production is where to set it up. For us, it is important that the final cost is affordable. In this regard, the country we chose was China, the city , Beijing. There you can see with your own eyes how Innovatione devices are produced. If you decide to visit the factory, our manager will meet you at the plane and bring you directly to the production facility. We will be very happy if you visit us!v

Vorobyev Anton Andreevich

Head of development center

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