InterCHARM 24-26 October

At the Intercharm exhibition, we presented the new epilation device 1S PRO. This is the first smart professional machine for hair removal. The machine has the world's first automated control, a security password to prevent unauthorized access, the latest generation of  the three-pulse IPLASER system, the first stabilized cooling system and an advanced self-diagnostic system.

The epilation device 1S PRO is equipped with a three-pulse IPLASER system with a light wavelength of 700-1300 nanometers, covering the light spectrum of all laser systems for epilation.


The advantages of IPLASER over laser systems are effects on melanin (such as alexandrite and diode lasers) and hemoglobin (like neodymium long-wave laser). The IPLASER is designed on a discharge lamp as an IPL, SHR, and Elos system, but unlike them, it has mirror filtering and three pulsed light control. Light control IPLASER works like no system in the world works. In one second, the handle produces not one, but three pulses per area, and, between the pulses, the skin has time to relax , and the removal of the hair structure has a cumulative result. Epilation on IPLASER is comfortable and effective. The system perfectly copes with such difficult cases as epilation on dark skin and thin dark hair. IPLASER today has the world's smartest three-pulse fourth-generation light control.

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