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Training from Innovatione

Innovatione provides training events and online resources

We experience more of you

In fact,during the training experience, we care about you. We care about how well you will use the epilation device and follow through with the the procedure so that the client is happy and satisfied. So that, our devices will always have an excellent reputation, and you will open another salon and contact us for a new device . We are pleased to offer our customers free training on laser hair removal and hardware cosmetology. The process of learning laser hair removal/ photo epilation usually takes 4 to 8 hours. During this time, Ilya will not only tell you how the systems are arranged and how not to make mistakes while working, but will also share his  experience, give necessary recommendations, let you have hands - on practice. Upon completion of the course you will be given a certificate of completion. From all of us at Innovatione, Congratulations!.



You can contact us anytime

Clients rarely have problems in the workplace, however, they could happen.. At any time you can contact us and get quality assistance. If you didn’t record something while studying or do not understand something, or you made a mistake - do not hesitate, just call us. We do not avoid non-standard problems, conversely, we look forward to them in order to become more experienced.

Shadrin Ilya Evgenyevich

Head of training center

Tel: +7 926 547 03 33




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