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Service Center

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It doesn't matter where you are

Most likely, a client who comes for aesthetic treatment will need a course of several procedures. If the machine breaks down and you cannot repair it quickly, the client may leave you for another cosmetologist. It is as simple as that. When designing a device, we aim to develop high-quality and fast service with the customer in mind, no matter where you are.



No need to wait

Sellers of cosmetology equipment often do not stock spare parts and expendable material. If your device breaks down, the seller will order parts from the manufacturer. When developing any complex device, we think that one part could fit several models. So, there is no need to wait, as Innovatione service center always has parts and any expendable materials in stock.



We are developers

When a problem with the cosmetology apparatus occurs, the client turns to the seller or manufacturer. Usually, sellers themselves are not technical experts. It might take a long time for both the seller and the manufacturer to search for the failure. The reason for is that they did not design the device. The seller only sells the product. The manufacturer produces it. But only the developer can effectively identify the fault as fast as possible.  In Innovatione we would only need a few hours maximum. In this time, we will not only find the problem, but we will also come up with a solution. We are the developers!

Kapustyan Anton Vladimirovich

The head of service center

Tel: +7 926 975 61 11




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