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When developing any device there is a time, when we are thinking, how to create a device, as to provide high-quality and fast service wherever you are.

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Sellers of beauty devices do not have spare parts and  expendable material in stock. In the event that your device breaks down, the seller orders parts from the manufacturer. When developing any complex device, we think that one detail could fit several models of devices under development. In our service center of cosmetology devices Innovatione there are always parts and any expendable materials in stock. You do not have to wait.



We are developers

When a problem occurs with the cosmetology apparatus, the person turns to the seller or manufacturer.Usually the seller does not know how the device works, on a technical level. Both the seller and the manufacturer can search for the cause of failure for a long time . The fact is that they did not create the device. The seller sells the product. The manufacturer produces. Only the developer can find the problem quickly. The maximum he needs is a few hours. During these few hours, he will not only find it, but come up with a solution. We need a maximum of a few hours to identify and find a solution to any problem with your cosmetology apparatus. We are the  developers!

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