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Frequently Asked Questions

Our developers compiled a list of the questions them get asked the most often.

  • How is IPLASER different from other systems?

    1. Three-impulse system: the handle of the 1S PRO laser epilation system applies three impulses to each area, which reduces the possibility of inflicting any pain during the procedure.
    2. Contrary to other systems with uninterrupted operation, IPLASER applies energy evenly, but also splits the combined amount of energy into three impulses, thus reducing the pain factor. Thanks to that, procedures can be administered even by non-professionals.
    3. IPLASER epilation affects both melanin (like a LED or alexandrite laser) and protein  (like a long-impulse neodymium laser) with a wavelength of 700 - 1300 nm.
    4. IPLASER can work with skin phototypes 1 through 6.
    5. Bandpass light filtering in the 700 - 1300 nm range.
    6. Low cost of consumables.
    7. Procedures are administered without applying the ultrasound gel.
  • How many procedures are required for full hair removal?

    No expert on Earth can tell you the number of procedures that will definitely stop the hair growth. Even if you factor in such important nuances as hair thickness and color, the number of hairs and the body area in question, it will be impossible to predict how your body will restore damaged cells. We are all living creatures and our bodies are programmed to fix any damage done to them, hair follicles being no exception. To achieve the desired result, you need to undergo a series of procedures, from 4 to 10. As a rule, your hair begins to grow back again within 6 months from the last procedure, starting with occasional fair and thin hairs. When it happens, we recommend performing\ a supportive procedure once or twice a year after the completion of the main course.

  • Does 1S PRO remove fair hair?

    Any epilation system based on light impulses can remove dark hair only. If a hair contains at least some melanin (dark substance), the system can work with it.

  • Can dark skin get burned during epilation?

    Totally impossible. It’s all about the wavelength, safe power levels, and the proprietary three-impulse system. You can run procedures even on the skin of the 6th phototype. The maximum possible damage that you can inflict will cause slight redness of the skin. However, make sure you follow instructions in relation to setting the necessary power level.

  • How is the service repair of the 1S PRO device?

    At the development stage, our engineers considered the possibility of repairing the device at a distance, wherever you are. The 1S PRO is equipped with a self-diagnostic system and if your device gives a signal and does not allow you to continue working, contact the support service. Our engineers will help return your device to working condition.

  • Is medical license required?

    1S PRO is the only one professional hair removal device in the world that is allowed to operate without a medical license. Professional device 1S PRO for hair removal, the first in the World to receive a non-medical CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY registered as a device for hair removal.

  • What is the guarantee and resources?

    The limit of the handle (emitter) is 1500 000 pulses. After 1500000 impulses, contact the company's managers to purchase a new handle. Warranty period 2 years

  • From which age clients can start to do a procedure?

    The procedure can be carried out from 18 years old. At an earlier age, laser hair removal is allowed only with the consent of the parents.

  • Can I wrap the maniple in polyethylene film during the procedure?

    During the work on 1S PRO, it is not required to wrap a maniple in polyethylene film, it is enough processing of a maniple with an antiseptic.

  • Is it possible to use anesthetic, cooling gel?

    The IPLASER system allowed to deviate from the standard methods of anesthesia. But all people are different and some people may have individual pain sensitivity. In these exceptional cases, anesthesia methods (ultrasound gel or cream anesthetic) are used only when absolutely necessary. And in this case use 1-2 power.

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